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Published : 25 January 2023 - 9:19:50am

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GEDCOM Statistics
Ietto / Yetto & Amodeo Family
This GEDCOM was created using Family Tree Maker for Windows Family Tree Maker ‏(16.0.350)‏ on 21 January 2023
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Earliest birth yearDelia Yetto ‎(I0620)‎
Birth 1607
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearMargaret ‏(Family name unknown)‏ ‎(I0326)‎
Birth 9 March 1718 Germany
Death 12 September 1760 ‏(Age 42)‏ Bucks Cty., PA, USA
Latest death year Nancy Louise Amodeo ‎(I1659)‎
Birth 13 November 1944 31 29 Buffalo, Erie Cty., NY, USA
Death 11 June 2022 ‏(Age 77)‏ Buffalo, Erie Cty., NY, USA
Person who lived the longest
Sara Jane Ball ‎(I0186)‎
Birth 14 December 1863
Death January 1966 ‏(Age 102)‏
Average age at death
Males: 65   Females: 67
Family with the most children
Barnhardt Benjamin Bothman + Catherine Oberbeck ‎(F421)‎
Marriage 16 October 1783 Haycock, Bucks Cty., PA, USA
Average number of children per family

Most Common Surnames
Ietto / Yetto & Amodeo Family

Server time: 28 November 2023 - 2:46:13pm  EST

On This Day ...
Ietto, Antonino Antonino28 November 1871152Birth 

Total events: 1
Upcoming Events
Boatman, George George29 November 1867156Birth 
Saveria, ‏(Given name unknown)‏ (Given name unknown)29 November 196756Death 
Papalia, Michelangelo Michelangelo30 November 1811212Birth 
Strano, Maria Teresa Maria Teresa30 November 1822201Birth 
Fasciale, Archangelo ArchangeloDecember 198043Death 
Ietto, Carmela CarmelaDecember 201112Death 
Ietto, Francesco FrancescoDecember 198043Death 
Ietto, Raffaele Raffaele1 December 1851172Birth 
Orebaugh, Philip Jacob Philip JacobDecember 1781242Death 
Sisson, Bonnie Bonnie1 December 20185Death 
Boatman, Lydia Lydia2 December 1896127Death 
Boatman, Mary Ann Mary Ann2 December 1793230Birth 
Fiore, Pasquale Pasquale2 December 194083Death 
Lucchese, Gaetano Gaetano2 December 1899124Birth 
Ruffo, Filomena Nicolina Filomena Nicolina2 December 1848175Birth 
Janson, Peter Peter3 December 193786Death 
Prior, Donna Joan Donna Joan3 December 197251Birth 
Romagnino, Francisco Francisco3 December 196261Death 
Sammarco, Frank Frank3 December 200221Death 
Amodeo, James James5 December 1916107Birth 
Strano, Domenico Domenico6 December 1810213Death 
Strano, Concetta Concetta7 December 1810213Birth 
Strano, Pasqualina Pasqualina7 December 1922101Death 
Sammarco, Peter Peter8 December 195568Death 
Walker, Donald Edwin Donald Edwin8 December 198043Death 
‏(Family name unknown)‏, Elizabeth Elizabeth8 December 1885138Birth 
Amodeo, Roselyn J. Roselyn J.9 December 194578Birth 
Rechichi, Franciscantoni Franciscantoni10 December 1818205Birth 
Battista, Francisco Francisco11 December 1812211Birth 
Franckenfelt, Simon Simonafter 11 December 1760263Death 
Motta, Angela Angela12 December 1874149Birth 
Ball, Sara Jane Sara Jane14 December 1863160Birth 
Lazzaro, Maria Maria14 December 193885Death 
Claudia, ‏(Given name unknown)‏ (Given name unknown)15 December 197548Death 
Italiano, Christopher Christopher15 December 197548Death 
Italiano, Daniel Daniel15 December 197548Death 
Italiano, Natalino Natalino15 December 197548Death 
Italiano, Nicholas Nicholas15 December 197548Death 
Orebaugh, Andrew Andrew15 December 1828195Death 
Sammarco, Antonio Michael Antonio Michael15 December 1911112Birth 
Yetto, Domenick Michael Domenick Michael15 December 1916107Birth 
Delgado, Emily Emily16 December 196063Birth 
Fasciale, Giuseppe Giuseppe16 December 198043Death 
Leuzzi, Domenico Domenico16 December 1810213Death 
Fasciale, Archangelo Archangelo17 December 196360Death 
Ietto, Domenico Domenico17 December 1858165Birth 
Strano, Elisabetta Elisabetta17 December 1831192Birth 
Battista, Pasquale
Ietto, Anna
Pasquale19 December 1907116Marriage 
Costanzo, Natalina Natalina19 December 1848175Birth 
Strano, Giovannibattista
Leuzzi, Rosa Maria
Giovannibattista19 December 1918105Marriage 
Battista, Maria Gueseppa Maria Gueseppa20 December 1884139Birth 
Fasciale, Pasquale
Fasciale, Giuseppina
Pasquale20 December 1919104Marriage 
Papalia, Carmela Carmela20 December 1801222Birth 
Amodeo, Diego Diego21 December 1901122Birth 
Ietto, Domenico Antonio Domenico Antonio21 December 198439Death 
Sammarco, Giovanni
Consales, Giuseppa
Giovanni21 December 1849174Marriage 
Carbone, Paolino Paolino22 December 1821202Death 
Gangemi, Arcangelo Arcangelo22 December 194281Death 
Ietto, Giuseppe Antonio Giuseppe Antonio22 December 1822201Birth 
Yetto, Josephine Josephine22 December 199627Death 
Carbone, Francesca Francesca23 December 1892131Birth 
Ietto, Mary Rose Mary Rose23 December 20167Death 
Romagnino, Arcangelo Natale Arcangelo Natale23 December 1884139Birth 
Russo, Katherine Katherine23 December 200914Death 
Yetto, Victor Anthony Victor Anthony23 December 200617Death 
Sammarco, Marion Marion24 December 20212Death 
Sammarco, Russell J. Russell J.24 December 194578Birth 
Italiano, Natale Pasquale Natale Pasquale25 December 1897126Birth 
Marquart, Mildred Ruth Mildred Ruth25 December 192994Birth 
Bothman, Barnhardt Benjamin Barnhardt Benjamin26 December 1754269Birth 
Fasciale, Giuseppe Giuseppe27 December 1898125Birth 
Amodeo, Gaetano Francis Gaetano Francis28 December 199330Death 
Esposito, Saverio Saverio28 December 1902121Birth 
Ietto, Giuseppe
Costanzo, Caterina
Giuseppe28 December 1914109Marriage 

Total events: 74
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Felice Ietto ‎(I0915)‎
Birth about 1740 Paracorio, Reggio Calabria, Calabria, Italy
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